Only The Cat is Real Tuesday, Sep 30 2008 

Only the Cat is Real

30 September 2008

Artemis loves stuffed animals.  I know that’s kinda weird, and I probably wouldn’t believe it myself if she didn’t provide so much proof.  Today, left to her own devices, this is where she chose to take her morning nap.

Kyle and I brought this stuffed plush border collie home from our last trip to Scotland.  I think I’ve written about it before, probably because it was in a photo with Artemis!  But, this is a new spot for him—and consequently, for her.  I am so amused.

Still sick, by the way.  But, I am down to just one little page of notes about what numbers my accountant still needs.  I just sent her off with another box of “stuff” and I feel pretty good about that. 

I did find a very happy article online at the Galveston Historical Foundation’s own website:

It tells beyond all shadow of a doubt, that this year’s Dickens on the Strand Festival is ON!


Old and New Tuesday, Sep 30 2008 

Old and New

29 September 2008

This is totally one of those “doh!  It’s bedtime and I haven’t taken a photo” photos.  I’ve been pretty under the weather with this nasty cold or whatever it is, that reared its ugly head on Thursday night, and set in with a vengeance on Sunday.  Not thinking clearly.  Forgot. 

We bought new telephones in June right before I went away and I’m still learning how to use them.  Consequently, I still keep the old ones around, too, even though most of them no longer work.  As I searched for something to photograph, I was struck by how different these two phones are in their similarity—old on the right with the big antenna.  Then, after taking the photo, I realized I have a great photo of Kyle and I in Victorian garb in the background of the photo.  Cool. 

Did I mention I was sick?