Would you believe . . . curlers?

21 September 2008

I have straight hair.

I’ve always had straight hair.  My mama used to painstakingly put it up in “pincurls” every night before bed.  When it was short, and I was young, it held those little criss-crossed bobby-pin curls pretty well.  But, as I got older and wanted longer hair, there was less and less it would do.  I used a curling iron all through junior high and at about age sixteen or so, I’d had it with straight.   Home permanents became a regular thing, and once on my own, salon perms . . . until I’d literally damaged my hair so badly it refused to grow. 

From the day I quit using chemicals on it, to the next time it needed a trim . . . about six years!  Once it finally began to grow, I was hooked on long hair and content enough with it being straight.  I used hot rollers every once in a while, but the curls never held.  The least little bit of humidity and . . . flump.  Straight hair.

For the last twenty years or so, my hair has seen little in the way of products and chemicals.  I don’t colour it, or dye it, or perm it, or use hairspray or gel.  I am blessed with genes (from my mama) that continue to provide me with a warm brunette only barely beginning to show signs of silver (which I love, by the way!)  I wash and condition it about three times a week, and in between it’s usually up in a bun or a twist.  When I go out with my husband, I try to remember to take it down, ’cause he prefers that, so I use a small hairstick, a barrette, or clip of some sort to keep it out of my face.  Once a year for Dickens on the Strand, I rely on a friend to braid most of it, and give me some sort of period “do”—usually involving what Kelly refers to as “China-hair” or clip on hairpieces.  And once in a while on a faire weekend I do something fun with it like bunches of tiny braids that result in what one friend used to call “mermaid hair,” or I might get a professional hairbraid.  In all these years, I’ve kept it long (just above my waist most of the time) and just gave up on having curls.

Just before the turn of the year, it was time for another trim.  I had let it get way too long (I was sitting on it!), and I had Ginger take about 13 inches off of it.  It was so fun, and felt so short, I tried curling it for Hogmanay!  Unfortunately, my busy New Year’s Eve day didn’t allow for enough time for the rag curls (my old hot roller set was dead) to set, so it looked kind of curly for the first twenty-five minutes of the party!  Grrr.  I was frustrated, but wanted to try again.   I got another trim this summer, and have had curls on my mind.  (Thanks, Ginger!)  This week, while in an Ulta store, I saw these crazy soft rollers and decided it was time to give curls another go.  So, right now, I sit here in front of my laptop, with leopard-print (it was my only choice) soft curlers in my hair.  I’m going to try sleeping on them, and see if I have curls tomorrow!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!