Curls . . . for a few minutes

22 September 2008

Autumnal Equinox — First Day of Fall

Residents of Galveston will mark the first day of autumn by knowing they can go home!  It still sounds like it’s not really a good idea to me, but I understand the pull to return home.  People are anxious enough to see their homes and begin to deal with mold and water damage, that they’re willing to deal with spotty electric service, or flushing only once a day to save water.  Here’s a great article by USAToday regarding Galveston and it’s history of recovery after recovery.

It’s sobering to remember that before the Great Storm in 1900, Galveston was the fourth largest city in the US.  Officials are saying that although the port is about to reopen, and people will repopulate the island, the full recovery will take three to five years.  It will be easy for those of us not living and/or working there, to forget about that pretty quickly.  I hope we can try not to forget.  Put Galveston Island on your weekend getaway list—those local businesses need our dollars!

I know we are looking forward to Dickens on the Strand.  It’ll be different.  But, it’ll be special.  As I had the pleasure of lunching with Arta and Heather this afternoon, we discussed the fact that if there are fewer hotel rooms available on the island, it might hamper attendance at the festival.  And, we all pretty much agreed, that it might be like a “rain day” at faire—with only the real die-hards like us being there!  While there’s a certain appeal to that, what the island really needs is a huge turnout!

Ginger just found an article online stating that the Mitchell hotels, The Galvez, The Tremont, and The Harbor House, are undergoing repairs, now, and are planning to reopen on 15 October.  That’s great news!  Thanks, Ginger!  Now, we just have to wait and see, I guess, if “our” ballroom will be ready for us to use on the fifth of December!

My photo today is of the results of last night’s curlers!  It was really pretty for about twenty minutes.  Then it was okay for another two hours or so.  By the time I finished lunch, and got to Beading Dreams, where I had a delightful visit with Allyson, the hair was just sad.  A few gentle waves remained, but tended to make it simply look unkept.  I’ll try again—but obviously, I need to leave them in for more than twelve hours!  My worry is that by the time they’ve been in long enough to make curls last, my hair won’t still look clean! 🙂  <sigh>