Lights as Paint; Camera as Brush

18 September 2008

I think I have finally washed the last of the fabric in my workshop that got wet this summer with our air conditioner leakiness.  No longer does the scent of mildew greet me when I enter the workshop.  Woo hoo!

During that little emergency in July, water overflowed a faulty drain system, and flowed out onto the floor, collecting mostly in the throw rugs (and some unfortunately placed fabric) and barely pooling on the concrete floor.  I cannot even imagine the clean-up of the retail businesses, restaurants, and hotels that saw nine feet of storm surge from Hurricane Ike.

And, yes, it seems that all thoughts eventually lead me back to Galveston Island right now.  Even as I took silly photos of colourful lights on the way home from dinner, I thought about how dark that island must be tonight.