20 September 2008

It is my goal to never stop learning.  Kyle and I enjoy trivia games and puzzles and the History Channel, and dozens of other things, mostly because we love to learn.  Today, we went book shopping so we can learn more about WordPress and how to program for it.  And, I vowed to learn more about this insane upcoming election on the fourth of November.

My picture above is of Kyle moving through the shelves of books at Fry’s, (after already trying at Border’s and buying instead, WordPress for Dummies) in search of a particular elusive title.  It turned out we’ll need to order it online, but we tried to keep our spending local, first. 

In my path of personal edification, this morning, I came across a short video I really think every American should see.  I know we have readers of all backgrounds and religions, and political persuasions, and I love that.  This is a totally non-partisan message regarding our right, our privilege . . . our duty to vote.  If I tried to convey the same message I wouldn’t be half as entertaining, so enjoy:

My big machine is finally moved back into my workshop, by the way.  I should be getting my act together this week, as planned . . . when I’m not reading my new WordPress for Dummies book! 😉