Safe Spot

10 September 2008

Second day of cleaning . . . bathrooms . . . eww.  And more laundry.  And, I decadently watched a movie today.  Someone this summer suggested I needed to watch The Holiday, with Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz and Jude Law (I’ve never really liked him until this movie!).  Today, it was on, and it sucked me in.   And I’m glad!  Whoever that was that recommended it . . . thank you!  What a charming, enjoyable little flick. 

I picked up Kyle at the airport just after five o’clock and we went to Cozymel’s for dinner!  We miss having that restaurant in Arlington, and we don’t get up to the Grapevine area often enough for it to be convenient to eat there.  So, it’s a real treat — heavenly guacamole!  And we shared a meal, and that was perfect!  We’re really trying to be good.  Once home again, we watched the pilot episode of a crazy little show called “Fringe.”  Worth watching . . . we’ll see how it continues to entertain us.

After all the changes of the past few days, I think Artemis has decided that this little pink crate is the one spot she has that never changes.  At bedtime, I went looking for her and couldn’t find her.  Not in the closet, not under the bed, not in the workshop, not on the window sill.  Then I looked down.  There she was in her crate!  She’s rather camouflaged in there, being somewhat pink herself, and the crate having an offwhite “sheepskin” fleece liner.  And I really didn’t expect it, so I had totally overlooked her.  It delights me to see her use this voluntarily as a sleeping spot, even at home. 

Home.  I love that word.