I'm Home!

9 September  2008

Yep.  I’m home.  Actually, I was home last night, but somehow, it’s waking up in your own bed that really makes you feel “at home.”  So, today is my first day to really be “home.”  Ironically, Kyle is in Miami!  I took him to the airport this morning, and will pick him up again tomorrow.  Just a quick little business trip, squeezed in before Hurricane Ike threatens to make travel more interesting. 

As I worked today, to recover the house from my husband who plays “batchelor” in the summertime, I enjoyed seeing and touching (and dusting!) so much of the unique stuff that makes our house our home.  This photo/painting is one of those items.  Gifted to us years ago, by some of our dearest friends, it combines so many of the things we love in life.  It is both photo and unique original art.  It shows our love of dressing up in historical clothing—specifically Victorian, in this case.  It puts us against a backdrop of a beloved place in Scotland—the beautifully picturesque ruins of Lochmaben Castle.  It reminds us of our love for that land, and of the wonderful times we have had there, and how fortunate we have been to travel there a number of times: on our honeymoon in ’95, on the Kyle and the Babes trip with Ginger and Lisa, on our anniversary trip to see the full solar eclipse in ’99, and then most recently on our Scotland 2005 trip with seventeen of our best friends!  Showcased now, on this wall of our bedroom, positioned above the bed, it now even makes me think of my love for decorating.  And, it reminds us daily of those generous, special people who gifted it.  It is one of our most treasured posessions.

Despite the challenges involved with surrounding ourselves with so much cool stuff that the house isn’t big enough, and the efforts of keeping it all clean are sometimes exhausting . . . we love our stuff.  And it really does help make the house a home. 

And . . . I’m home!