After the Game

8 September 2008

When I hit a huge wall of rain driving through the hills of southern Oklahoma, and then again from Sanger, south . . . I was sure tonight’s soccer game would be cancelled.  But, no.  I got home just in time to turn around and go out with Kyle to watch his team (and him!) play on a very soggy field.  It was good to be there, and the weather was rather delightful—not too hot, and toward the end, a light drizzle.  And afterwards—a quick trip to No Frills Grill with Brett and Jill, where our waiter apparently missed me so much, he bought my beer! (Actually, I think he felt bad, ’cause I didn’t like the red thing that Kyle suggested he bring for me.  Still not sure what it was . . . kinda like a mai tai, only not as good.  I know they told me what it was called, but I was too tired to remember it.  Kyle drank it—I guess it has become his favourite summertime refresher . . .)

Home Sweet Home.