Trailer Packing

3 September 2008

With the stock all shipped to either Michigan or California, Wednesday was the day for packing all the stuff that has to go home to Texas—all the booth supplies, mannequins, workshop stuff, fabric, the big machine, more fabric, and all my personal stuff that doesn’t stay in the booth all year.  Needless to say, it’s another big job, and my life is blessed by wonderful friends like Larry who help make such things happen.  On his day off from work, he willingly comes to the faire to help me do heavy, physical labour, usually once before opening, and once after closing.  He is a gem.  And he’s probably rolling his eyes at me as he reads this!

Our last dinner at El Sarape tonight—Ed got to experience it after hearing about it all summer!  Yay for giant margaritas after hellish days of packing.