Fantasy at the Ren Faire

1 September 2008

It was still fairly early in the day when these two characters showed up.  I think they were representing (at least unofficially) a local haunted house event.  But, whoever they were, they sure made a spectacle.  Patrons and participants alike grabbed cameras and stood fascinated.  Myself, no exception. 

Monday, 1 September—Labour Day—the final day of the 2008 Bristol Renaissance Faire.  It was a good day—warm, but lovely weather.  And Wisconsinites were out in numbers—after all,  they don’t have too many more warm weather weekends before winter.  We said lots of “goodbyes,” and a bunch of “see ya soons.”  And . . . that’s a wrap!

My staff and I worked ’til about nine o’clock, breaking down mannequins and reorganizing the booth contents strictly by style.  Then, Kat helped me finish the inventory and at about ten o’clock, we went to Perkins to meet Chad and Laura for a late dinner.  We walked in the door of the restaurant just steps behind Gregg and Susan, so we were a table of six.  Chad and Laura are headed home in the morning.  Gregg and Susan will drive a couple of hours tonight to get east of Chicago ahead of morning traffic.  I plan to get some sleep, ’cause tomorrow’s going to be a long, hard day.  Thankfully, Sean and Amber, and William will all be on hand to help with the cleaning and packing and schlepping.  I love my staff!