Faire Beyond My Screen

31 August 2008

I went to bed last night, disgusted with myself about how few photos I took this summer.  I realize I have no pretty pictures of this faire at all.  A few of my staff, and my customers, and some of my close friends—but none of the beautiful site itself, the charming buildings, pretty stages, etc.  I wish I had time to repair that deficit, but I also want the whole weekend to rock and roll and give me no time whatsoever.  So, assuming (correctly, I might add) that I’d have no time to get out and take any photos, I snapped this one from my own living space. 

I have two windows, with a door between them.  The door has a modern (it never gets seen by the public) screen door on it, to allow access to the little balcony.  The windows, however, are merely hinged to the sides, leaving a hole I stapled screen into years ago.   And cats being who they are, I added lattice to the inside of the screen to keep Artemis from accidentally leaping through the screen and challenging that whole “nine-lives” thing. 

This being a year of some remodel in my living space, it was time to replace the screen.  The new screen is brown instead of black and allows for a prettier view.  And with a new perspective on how to use various aspects of my living space, I decided this year, to put little hooks on the lattice, and use them to hang my necklace collection.  Pretty sparklies with the sun coming through them . . . it was a good choice. 

I’m pretty pleased with the resulting photo . . . the screen acts as a filter, and the out of focus jewelry is a cool touch.  I wish the light spots weren’t quite so washed out, but hey . . . it is what it is.

The faire day was pretty busy, and we are tired.  Dinner tonight was at Red Robin, where we knew they could accommodate a hungry, tired, dusty pack of rennies without making us wait ’til 10:30 for our food!  And I much prefer a decent margarita to a glass of plum wine. 🙂