Kelly Between Chad and Laura

30 August 2008T

Our final weekend of Bristol Renaissance Faire started off strong.  It was a busy, happy business day.  Too busy for photos, even, which is very frustrating for me.  But, I like money, so it’s okay! 😉

After faire, we gathered our group, and took somebody’s suggestion to try a little mom and pop sushi place called Soon’s.  The food was excellent.  Unfortunately, these very sweet folks were not in any way prepared for the invasion of a table of fourteen hungry rennies.  It took forever for us to get our food, and in the time we waited, we got pretty silly.  Kelly was lured to dinner, despite her original intentions to stay in and eat leftovers.  Appparently, she specifically made plans to sit between Chad and Laura.  I’m sure there’s a story there, but I don’t know the details . . . ?

It was wonderful to see our Dr. Chad and his beautiful fiancee Laura.   They live in Missouri and our times with them are few and much too long between for our liking!  In fact, the next time we see them will likely be at their wedding!

After our very long dinner, some paperwork to get a bit of a headstart on that, and then some sleep.  One down, two more to go.