Close-up of Artemis

29 August 2008

Once you decide to be okay with the amount of work you should have accomplished, but didn’t, it becomes a lot easier to relax and concentrate on what you can get done, in the time remaining.  That was today’s lesson. 

At the end of the day, my booth is ready for the faire day, and there’s a little bit of new product, both from me and from Nicole.  (I can only imagine that she frequently goes through the same sort of mental anguish as Kelly and Ginger and I do, over wishing there was more time and/or less work.  I know she had an even more demanding week than we did and is even now, probably tweaking her booth at Dragon Con so she can try to break her own record from last year.)

So,  bring on the final weekend—-I’m as ready as I’m gonna get!


Oh~~~it was a busy enough day that no photo happened until bedtime, so again, you get my beautiful cat.