Cicada on a Mini Bulb

28 August 2008

Only a couple of days left to get any real sewing done.  So much to do, so little time. 

Both Kelly and I have expressed some regret at the boxes of stuff we’re taking home that didn’t get done.  But, progress was made, and we are responsible for our choices.  It’s all good.

In the vein of summertime winding down, it seems to be cicada-time.  This photogenic insect in my photo today was just hanging out—presumably keeping warm on a cool morning.  I’ve done a little research and learned that I believe this to be a Tibicen or “Dog Day” Cicada—an annual variety, found all over North America.  Commonly seen in July and August, here, I believe this one is in its final days.  Kelly spotted it in the MBistro and being a loyal Daily KRuMB reader, immediately pointed it out to me as a perfect photo of the day opportunity.