Tubes of Beads

22 August 2008

Pretty much everyone thinks I’m crazy ’cause I’m spending time and energy beading a bodice and skirt for a nine-year-old.  I don’t care.

I’m determined to make my beautiful little niece feel like a princess and knock the socks off of everybody who sees her at the Kansas City Faire.  These are some of the tubes of beads I bought to complete her outfit. 

I worked only a little bit on the beading tonight.  It was late before I got started!  I got the bright idea to try to get a head start on the morning work by doing all my lacing and buttons tonight . . . wow.  I unpacked my boxes, checked everything in, laced everything, hung most of it, and did sixty or so buttons . . . and after most of five hours had passed, I was well and truly reminded just how nice it is to have help with all that stuff!

So, this post is dedicated to Kyle, and Stephanie, and Ian, and Donny and Mary, and Wendy and Bill, and Kat and Sean, and Starr, and Gregg, and Little Mary and Kelly, and my mama, and absolutely anyone who has ever helped me get the booth ready on a Friday night!  Thank you.  I cannot imagine my last fourteen years without you!