Playful Cat

19 August 2008

Artemis and I have a new game.  It turns out that a 60-inch bodice tie, when inserted between the cushions of my loveseat, makes for no end of pleasure for my crazy cat.  She literally dives between the cushions to retrieve the string as it disappears from her view.  Sometimes, she seems to wait purposely until it is out of sight, to try to grab it.  I have giggled more over this, than I have in a long time.  So, I figured she deserved to be the subject of the KRuMB once again.

She really is a great little companion.  This is another of her newer tricks.

We’re going to squeeze another night of mah jong-playing into our lives tonight.  I expect there to be much fun for the humans, there.  And port! 🙂