Late Night Beading

17 August 2008

Last fall, after wearing my fanciest Elizabethan outfit a few times, I took the skirts to the dry cleaner.  Normally, this is a non-issue.  I drop them off, and a few days later, I pick them up—clean and pressed and ready to wear.  Not so, this time.  I don’t know why I’ve never had this problem before, but this time, every little “pearl” I’d sewn onto the bottom trim, was melted and/or crushed and broken.  And, we’re talking one every half-inch or so.  <sigh>

I put the skirt aside in my workshop, knowing I had at least a couple of hours of work to do:  take off all the little half-pearls, and sew on all new ones.  TRF, then winter, and Scarborough orders, then Scarborough itself, and now most of Bristol, all came . . . and went.  Still, I had not taken the time to do this job.  Now, this weekend, faced with Kyle’s presence and his and my overwhelming desire to wear our prettiest stuff that matches . . . I had to do it.  I even took it with me to Irish Fest as the project I’d work on while listening to music I wasn’t really into—except, this year I liked what I heard!  And the job didn’t get done.  So, Saturday night, before wearing the outfit on Sunday, I no longer had a choice, and despite being tired, I stayed up and re-beaded the bottom of this pretty skirt.  I remembered at the same time, that I also want to add more beads to the forepart of the skirt itself, but that will have to wait.  It was all I could do to stay awake long enough to get the bottom trim done.  But, done it now is.  And this time, I used actual mother of pearl beads, rather than plastic ones, so they should survive the next dry cleaning!  My photo is a close-up of the trim with the new beads.

Sunday was wonderful, really.  Kyle finished his work a little earlier than he had the day before, and I was able to break away from the booth and take a walk with him.  We caught a couple of shows—music we love—and did a brief pass through a shopping zone, and then, I went back to work.  Also at faire, were Maron and Meredith, on a holiday from their kids, so Kyle got to enjoy their company for much of the day.  Then, after closing, our gang went to El Sarape for dinner—it was a wonderful wind-down to a great day. 

And, after dinner, Kyle and I (and Ginger joined us, too!) went to the full moon music jam that happens at this festival almost every full moon.  We sat and enjoyed the laid back style of music that results from a bunch of talented people coming together with whatever instruments are handy, and just playing whatever tune comes to mind.  We didn’t stay long, but at least I got to share the magical nature of that event with Kyle.  I always knew he would enjoy it, and I was right!  But, morning would come early, and there was a plane to catch.

Wishing he could stay will not make it so.