Kyle in the MBistro

16 August 2008

Almost everything about today was about as good as it gets!  My husband is here in Wisconsin with me!  The weather was lovely.  The faire site was full of people, and they spent money in my shoppe!  I simply cannot complain!

I did work all day, and didn’t really get to spend much time with Kyle, but then he worked most of the day, too.   His commitment to his job with AA Cargo is admirable, in my opinion.  He grumbles about it a bit, but he cares so much.  I only wish those in positions of power above him had a clue just how much he cares.  It would never again matter whether he was “in the office” rather than working remotely; it would never again matter what shirt he wore, or how long is hair is.  He gives so much.  <sigh>

When he finally finished the work he had to do (his entire department is out of the office, so he’s doing the work of three people while he’s on his vacation weekend), it was late in the day, but he got into costume anyway.  He wandered away for a while and caught a show or two, but at one point, I caught him relaxing with a book in our own backyard patio we call the MBistro. 

I love having him here with me!