Flowers in the Sky

14 August 2008

Yay!  Kyle is here!  We have been really looking forward to this visit.  I’ve been fortunate enough to get home twice during this show, but this is Kyle’s first trip here.  His flight out went smoothly, and I picked him up right on time.  We went on a brief adventure in the outskirts of Chicago, allowing “Emily” to pick our watering hole.  We had lunch at a charming little place called Chamber’s that didn’t seem to have changed much since probably the mid 1970s.  We flirted with the idea of staying in Chicago and taking in some theatre, or something, and finally ended up talking ourselves out of spending big bucks.  So, we headed back into Kenosha, and arrived just in time to have a margarita with Delaenya and Stephen at El Sarape.  Stephen had had his own version of adventures at the med clinic with Dr. George, and was due for some food before going home to rest a bit.  We finally took the time to get Kyle settled in a bit on site, and it wasn’t long before the phone started ringing.  In an attempt to have yet a third “meal” in way too short a time span, <wink> Ginger and Kelly and Kyle and I, met Delaenya and George at Honada for some sushi. 

We crammed a lot of fun and friends into our afternoon/evening, and we’d do it all over again!

I took the fun photo of the giant hanging basket of floral goodness, as we drove down Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago on the way back to the highway after lunch.  These baskets, in various colours, adorned every streetlamp pole along the way.  We’d passed a number of them before I realized they weren’t just petunias, like you see everywhere else around here.  These actually look like some variety of roses—they’re stunningly beautiful, really.    I’d love to know what they are, if anyone has a clue. 

What’s totally cool to me about this photo, though, is that Kyle was driving right along, and I had the camera zoomed in to get a closer view.  I caught this shot by panning, as we drove by!  I’m a little bit impressed with myself!  That’s hard!  I know I was super lucky, but I do love the result.