My Bristol "Breakfast Club"

10 August 2008

Happy Birthday, Delaenya!

Sunday morning.  We all start a little slower on Sundays.  More coffee is needed to get the day going.  Kelly and I have breakfast together nearly every morning here, and Sundays are no exception.  The difference is that we are also joined by any number of other friends, neighbours and employees. On this particular Sunday morning, I decided to snap a photo of the little ragtag bunch of folks in the MBistro.  Pictured, left to right, is Drew, Ian, Maron, Kelly and Delaenya.  Drew works for Excalibur.   Ian is my friend, the Pendragon Costumes manager in Michigan who stopped to spend this weekend with us on his way through from Colorado.  Maron is the dear friend who is a bigwig for Verizon and who helps me in the booth on weekends for fun!  It was to Maron’s house that a bunch of us trekked a couple of weeks ago for Cuban food.  Kelly, of course, is my beloved, of the triumverate, and Delaenya is a newer, but incredibly dear friend, who manages for Shannon of Girl Glass.  And today is her birthday!

Since Delaenya and George were dressing up today, and Kelly decided to don beautiful duds as well, the gauntlet was down, and I decided to attempt to rise to the challenge.  I put on an outfit I am pretty sure I hadn’t worn in at least two years.  And it worked out fine—I felt pretty all day.  I got to take one long walk with Ian in the early afternoon, too—my first real time for any shopping this season.  It was nice to get out, and I spotted more than a couple of things I’d like to go back out and purchase!  No surprise, there, I’m sure.

One thing in particular I spotted that spoke to me, was a charming bag from Grichels.  These talented folks make a product that is, in a nutshell, three-dimensional, leather faces, with taxidermy eyes, adorning everything from notebooks and purses, to tissue boxes!  I have admired the work for years, and in fact, many years ago I purchased half a dozen or so of the little notebooks to give as gifts to my booth workers.  Ian, being the sneaky little guy he is, passed information along to Kat and hours later, my wonderful crew of booth workers gifted me with the very bag that had spoken to me earlier in the day!  I was surprised and speechless . . . and moved to tears.  I have a great staff this season, and the fact that they love their work and apparently love me enough to give me such a special gift . . . well . . . it’s a reminder of how genuinely blessed I am.

I love my little Grichel bag, and in fact, I’ve been carrying it as my purse, even though it doesn’t hold quite enough stuff to make me really comfortable!  I’m learning to carry less, ’cause I love carrying this bag!

Dinner at Chili’s and then home to paperwork and another late night chatting with Ian.  It was a good weekend, with spectacular weather, and sales reflected that.  I am delighted to report that this show is finally looking like it might regain some of the ground lost by last year’s terribly soft performance. 

I’m okay with that!