Geese at IKEA

7 August 2008

Well, I’m back in Wisconsin.  The return trip was super-easy in comparison with Monday’s trip south.  In fact, it was so easy, my name showed up on a “cleared” list while I was reading—and I was given a boarding pass for seat 1A!  Sometimes, our methods of travel pay off!

So, once back on the ground, I claimed my truck, plugged in the GPS, and asked “Emily” to take me to the IKEA store!  Having just been at home again reminded me how much I really enjoyed the “Dave” that we bought for Kyle in June.  So, I was on a mission to have one of my own.  As it turned out, the store here was also out of black ones (like the Dallas store), and out of white ones—all they had was blue.  Screaming royal blue, like the blue of a sports team.  But, I bought one anyway.  Putting it together was easy, by the way.  And despite the fact that it’s an abnoxious colour—I love it.

From IKEA—and the parking lot geese (you can see the blue and yellow building in the background)—I pointed the truck north and Emily did the rest!  I am developing quite the love affair with my gps!  Thanks Mama!  I made a couple of little stops in Gurnee, and one at the outlet mall, and then met Stephen for dinner at El Sarape.  One more stop at Menards on the way back to faire, and finally I was greeting Artemis, and checking my email.  The weather here in Wisconsin is lovely—but although I don’t miss the Texas heat, I sure do miss home.