9 August 2008

Meteorologically-speaking, today was glorious.  From a business standpoint, it was brisk and kept us busy.  Personally—I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind, of how much Kyle would have enjoyed the day here, and how I knew he was having another miserably hot day in Texas.  I hope next weekend’s weather is as perfect as this one.

One highlight of the weekend is a visit from Ian.  In the last couple of years, Ian’s schedule has allowed him a weekend here at Bristol between his commitments in Colorado, and the beginning of the Michigan faire.   Once in Michigan, his weekends at that faire are governed by his responsibilities as our Pendragon Costumes booth manager, there.  But, while here, he gets to play—see some shows, visit with friends, hang out and get re-acquainted with products and prices, and just generally relax a little bit.  And, we get the pleasure of his company.  I do wish his visits and Kyle’s would overlap more often—even at TRF, Ian’s weekends to visit and Kyle’s haven’t been the same!  Maybe this fall that will work out better. 

Today’s photo is once again, of an object in my living space.  I recently found a very ornate fleur de lys—I know, no surprise there, especially after Kyle’s recent KRuMB entry!  But, this beautiful thing is made of a resin of some sort, and is largely covered in small bits of “crackled” glass—rather like a broken mirror.  I suppose I should have taken a shot of the whole thing, but I liked the close-up.

Oh, and speaking of glass:  this is a photo of the amazingly beautiful pair of pieces that Maron gifted to Kyle and I for our anniversary!  Wow!  Such a generous gift from a dear friend.  The photo totally doesn’t do them justice.  When next you see us at faire, ask to see them in person!  They are truly fabulous works of art from another dear and talented friend Shannon Morgan of Girl Glass.