With Twelve you get . . . Mexican Food!

2 August 2008

After a truly beautiful day at faire—lovely weather, and higher than average (lately) sales—our gang chose to gather at our favourite little local Mexican place. It was a slightly different group than normal, but super fun.   I think except for one dish that had to go back to the kitchen to correct for a food allergy, everything else looked perfect, and I heard abslutely no complaints.  In fact, more than one person was thrilled with his meal.  Yay!

In my photo, you can almost see all eleven of the rest of us . . . Kelly is hiding behind Stephen, and Kat is off the right side of the picture.  In the far distance, there’s Susabella and Pam and her daughter Sarah; then George and Delaenya, Maron, and Sean on the right side of the table, and Amber (or the back of her head, anyway), Stephen and Kelly. 

One more day here, and then I get to go home for our anniversary!  Woo hoo!