Friendly Faces from the Past

3 August 2008

Yesterday morning, as I prepared for the weekend, I received an email from an old friend, Stephen Jones.  A long time ago . . . way back in the way-back time, Steve and my dear late ex-husband, Roger, were best friends.  Steve was the best man in our wedding.  He was also my connection to my one and only computer industry job, way back in 1984!  And, a few months ago, we found each other again through mutual friends on the online network “Linked In.”  I knew he lived with his family in Chicago, but it was still a wonderful surprise to get an email stating they were coming to faire this weekend, and were hoping to get to spend some time with me.  I love how this sort of thing works out!

So, today, about midday, into my shoppe walk a family of four, and it only took me a couple of seconds to recognize those eyes.  Steve’s face hasn’t really changed that much—a little fuller, maybe, and like all of us, a little older—but still the same.  His children, two beautiful boys, Garrett and Brendan, have his likeness stamped all over them.  And his lovely wife, Barbara, was another familiar face from my TCU days.  Seems that although we didn’t really know each other then, we were both involved with the band in the same years—she in the colour guard, and me in the Showgirls.  But, Steve, from Fort Worth, never met his girl while she was at school, living mere blocks from his apartment!  It’s obvious they were supposed to find each other, though, and since they didn’t hook up while she was in Texas, the fates took him to her hometown of Chicago years later!  Now, they’ve been married for most of fifteen years.

I was able to break away for a little while this afternoon.  I didn’t take my usual Sunday morning to take a walk, and the day was much slower than yesterday.  So, it worked out great.  We walked to get sodas and lemonades, and then went to the list, where we watched part of the falconry show, and then a guest act, here for one weekend only, doing equestrian acrobatics.  We talked and reminisced and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.  I snapped this photo, and Steve has one in his camera that Garrett took of just Steve and me.  I’m hoping he’ll put that up on his Flickr account, and we can link between each other!  I know Steve watches both mine and Kyle’s Flickr stream, and I hope he’ll stumble upon The Daily KRuMB and know how much I enjoyed today.

It was delightful to have the walk down memory lane, as they say.  And I love that through lasting friendships such as this one, Roger’s memory stays alive, too!

Here’s to old friends!!