Mom, Dad, and Two Sleepy Boys

31 July 2008

This adorable photo is of our dear friends Maron and Meredith Wong and their two little boys, Rafael, 6, and Sebastian, 4.  This was the scene just moments before it was time for goodbyes.  The boys had been playing downstairs all evening, and this was part of the bedtime dance—pile on Mommy and proceed to pretend to be asleep, rather than deal with meeting all those adults!  Actually, I’m not entirely sure they didn’t actually fall asleep like that, ’cause when carried off to bed, there was far less argument than I expected!

Tonight was the Second Annual (we hope!) Cuban Feast!  Meredith makes a mean Ropa Vieja dish and the black beans were perfect as well.  Maron and Meredith had invited not only myself and Kat this year, but Kelly and Sean and Amber, as well.  And their long-time friends Mike and Patricia, who I hadn’t seen in many years, were there also.  So, it was a delightful evening of fellowship and food. 

And, yes, to Rick and any others out there thinking it . . . I do like to eat!  😉 Tonight I forgot to take a photo of the food, but I did shoot a quick picture of the table at the end of the evening!

The earlier part of the day was spent working:  sewing, cutting, and dealing with the missing FedEx package.  It was a good day, much was accomplished, and tomorrow I have only one more project to finish with a deadline of this weekend. It’s good that it’s been a productive week, since I won’t be here next week. I  am getting really excited about going home, again!