Swing Dance at the Faire

30 July 2008

It was another warm day in Wisconsin, but that didn’t stop the swing dance class from happening!  Ginger and Shannon decided it would be fun to conduct swing dance classes this year, right here on site during the week, for those rennies who might be interested.  Most classes are co-taught by a fellow from the Chicago dance scene and Ginger.  I missed the first week, but managed to get to yesterday’s and most of today’s class.  It’s fun, and I figure it’s a pretty good way to sweat off a few calories. 

I got a lot done today, both on the computer, and in the workshop.  I did spend way too much time looking for some paperwork that managed to elude me right up until about ten minutes ago.  (Thanks for looking at home for me, too, Kyle—I found my clipboard!)  Overlapping the dance class was the annual Fajita Rita Party, and overlapping that was a commitment that Kelly and I had to be at Larry and Denise’s house for fittings.  So, it was a busy day—work, dance, tequila, Milwaukee, and back again.  Kelly’s fittings with Denise went great, and my mock-up for Larry works great, too. 

My photo today, is the only one I took—as I arrived late to the swing dance class. (I’d promised myself I couldn’t “play” until my work was done.  I had a goal in my head I had to achieve today, and only then was I allowed to go dance.)  Anyway, I love that, although the photo isn’t technically a good one, I did catch Ginger in a twirl!  People having fun!