Cubicle, Sweet Cubicle

20 July 2008

Actually, this photo is from the 21st of July.  But, in a long-established tradition with The Daily KRuMB, a photo still counts for the day, as long as you haven’t been to sleep yet.  It isn’t until I awake to the brand new day, that it is too late for “yesterday’s” photo.  So, on this particular Monday morning, it was still Sunday to me!

Our Sunday at faire was drier, and business was a bit better than Saturday, if not actually satisfying.  Sadly, it just doesn’t seem to be our year.  But, we manage to have fun anyway–our customers are good people.  We finished up the faire day with dinner at Red Robin with a big group—I think we were seventeen!  By the time we got back from dinner, and I did my paperwork, it was nearing 1 a.m.  I took my shower, got dressed to travel, and checked myself into my flight at 2 a.m.  Then, a few more details, and I was off to the airport.

Not knowing how much traffic and/or construction I would encounter between the faire site and O’Hare, I was determined to allow plenty of time.  It ended up taking me just barely an hour—there was almost no delay at all.  I parked in the economy lot, rode the train into the terminal, and arrived about half an hour before the TSA security gate was even open!  Through security in record time, then to the gate.  I quickly learned there had been a flight cancellation for the third flight of the morning, so the first two were over-full, and I wasn’t the only passenger who was rolled more than once.  By eight o’clock, the powers that be had wisely substituted the usual MD80 for the much larger 777.  Everyone wanting to go to DFW got on the flight!  And, I was fortunate enough to be placed in row 12.  Amazing bird, this “triple seven.”  Electric-powered seat adjustments in at least eight directions; a footrest, head cradle, comforter and full-sized pillow; personal video touch screen; I was very impressed. 

Kyle met me at DFW, picking me up at the curb, and taking me to lunch at a new place called Simply Burgers.  Too tired to be picky, but we were underwhelmed, and I’m pretty sure we “simply” won’t be going back.  I went back to his office with him,  and got some work done while he finished his workday and then enjoyed a brief visit with him at Rob’s while he and Terrill and Trista played a little bit of nine-ball, and I had my first-ever mojito.  Yum!  A perfect prequel to a Tex Mex dinner!   It’s good to be home!