Filet of Cod from Mi Tierra

23 July 2008

I had looked forward to this evening’s dinner for weeks!  Finally, on this last night of my little holiday, Kyle and I went to Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant for what promised to be a culinary delight.

I had a rather satisfying day of errands and housework, and a visit to our new favourite restaurant was the perfect finishing touch to both my day and my time at home.  We took our own bottle of wine, and by the time we were done, Carlos was teasing us about the “buffet table” of food we’d ordered!  We just wanted to experience as much as we could!  We ordered the sampler platter of appetizers—I love doing that because you never know just what delicious things Demaris will include on that plate!  Then, came the ceviche!  Now, on our first few visits, Demaris was still expanding the menu offerings and the listed seafood items had been unavailable.  So, the ceviche had been on my mind for weeks!  And it was worth the wait!  Served in a tall parfait-style glass, it was not only beautiful, but so tasty it was totally amazing and I commented that Kelly would be proud of me, ’cause I was eating it exactly as Demaris made it—complete with onions and red peppers!  My taste buds have certainly matured as I am aging!  Kyle ordered the skirt steak, and I the filet of cod, pictured above.  We packed up two boxes of take-home food, but figured that was fine!  Kyle will eat well for days!

It was a perfect evening, and once again, we cannot recommend this new restaurant highly enough!