"What?  Don't I Look Good in Red?"

17 July 2008

No, it’s not December.  But, if Kelly were ever inclined to send Christmas cards, this might be a perfect image for it!  This is her cat, Hazel, the more gregarious of the two.  I was working on a new waistband for this red and green skirt for Mrs. Claus, and while I worked on the top edge, Hazel found her way underneath and claimed the bottom edge.  When I went to move the skirt and it was heavy, this is what I found!

Great day in the workshop—much productivity.  Tomorrow I’ll head to the post office to mail off all the little things I’ve accomplished for folks this week.  Kelly and Ginger and I ended our respective work days by getting together for sushi for dinner, and then a few hands of Mah Jong.  It was a much-needed, long-overdue time for the triumverate!  Spending time with those two beautiful, witty women that I love so much, is rather like recharging my own personal battery!