Still Pretty on Tuesday

15 July 2008

Vertigo.  “Severe dizziness or a spinning sensation, and loss of balance.” 

That pretty much sums up my day.  Not fun.  

I attended the onsite yoga class this morning.  It quickly became obvious, that what has been a little bitty problem since I got here this year, is a huge, debilitating problem when I’m really trying to be balanced!  I was unable to do many very basic things, and left the class feeling exactly the opposite of what I’d hoped.  That is to say, rather than feeling active, and warmed up, and stretched out and relaxed, I felt instead, old, fat, out of shape, uncoordinated, extraordinarily helpless at my condition, and somewhat pathetic.  I left with a headache and a continued feeling that if I turned my head, I’d fall down.  I went straight to my appointment with Robert Ray, thinking I’d have to cancel the massage, but instead, we discussed it, and he decided perhaps he could help.  So, rather than the usual full-body massage, where he concentrates on my lower back issues, today he concentrated almost exclusively on my neck and shoulders.  And, in fact, once again in praise of his skill, I left his table feeling much better than when I layed down. 

The rest of the day, however, was low-key.  I did some email, paid some bills— I even tried to take a nap!  I got a couple of wonderful phone calls and got to talk to my mama, and to Ronnie for a while.  Likely, the long-distance love did as much to make me feel better as the rest, but I did feel mostly better by about dinner time.  I heated up burrito left-overs, and actually went to the workshop and got some stuff done before a shower and bedtime.  At least the day wasn’t a total wash.

As I was preparing for sleep in the heat and humidity we have this week, I spotted my lovely floral bouquet from the weekend, which was so pretty I brought it upstairs to enjoy it further.  Happy, cheerful flowers in an exquisite vase borrowed from Shannon.  So, today’s picture is one of the shots I snapped of the arrangement.