Bruce and his Creepy Eye

13 July 2008

Bristol is jam-packed with some of our very favourite people!  Bruce and his lovely wife Renee have been pet patrons of ours for many years, now.  Renee is almost never at faire when she’s not wearing at least something that I personally made.  And, Bruce, I believe, owns what might just be the single most-often worn piece of Pendragon Costuming —a beautiful dark green top grain leather Highwayman coat he bought many moons ago, thus sealing his fate as one of my never-to-be-forgotten folks!  This year, Bruce has acquired a very interesting “hook” for one hand and this totally cool, but totally creepy eye patch made by a talented artist at this faire.  First weekend, I kept meaning to take his photograph, and never got to follow through on that.  But, today, I caught him, and made him (and Renee) stand still for a couple of shots. 

And, for the record . . . the day was better!  Both attendance and business were head and shoulders above yesterday, to my great relief. Not super duper, but acceptable.  Dinner tonight was at Charcoal Grill, with a server whose name (I believe) was Crystal.  This young lady rocks, and the restaurant would do well to hold on to her!  She was quick and witty, and dealt with our large party with seeming ease.  And, she made problems go away and be solved quickly and efficiently.  We are a party who normally reacts very poorly to included gratuity—pointing out that the tip that results from simply treating us properly, will far outshine the minimum that gets automatically added to a party of six or more.  Our usual reaction is to tip as billed—no more, despite what more we would have given if left to our own devices.  Tonight, we were so impressed, that our server received her guarantee and then some, from nearly each and every one of us!

Noteworthy service, indeed.