9 July 2008
Late in the day I took the short walk from my desk to my boss’s office for some reason or another. Now, my boss bleeds burnt orange. He is a died-in-the-wool, sometimes to his detriment, University of Texas fan. He graduated from that fine institution and has earned his passion for the school. As such, his office is decorated with bits & peices of UT, including his windows – proclaiming to the world outside that inside this office sits a proud Longhorn fan. On these bright, sunny, hot Texas days, he keeps his blinds drawn, which enabled this photo:
Hook 'em Horns

~KR (Written on 13 July 2008 )

Listening to:
Green Fields of France by 3 Pints Gone
from Beaches of St. Valery

No EXIF. Taken with my camera phone.