My Silly Octopus

11 July 2008

Somewhere, there are incriminating photos of me wearing these sparkly fabric octopus tentacles!  I made this costume piece for a Funky Formal with an “Under the Sea” theme, many years ago.  After that, it found its home and hung from the rafter in my living space here at Bristol.  More recently, we had a “reunion” style Funky Formal, and the costume got a reprise!   It really is so much fun—It ties around my neck, and the tentacles all bob rather uncontrollably when I dance!  This year, since I’ve redone my walls and more thoroughly cleaned than we had in a long time, I have re-hung my silly octopus.  It’s rather like a chandelier!  This shot was taken directly over my head.

It’s been a good Friday.  The workshop is pretty much fully functional.  My living space is pretty much arranged the way I expect it to stay.  And, downstairs, the new stock is already pretty much dealt with and ready to go.  So, on we go into weekend #2!