The Gaffer's Hand

8 July 2008

It’s Thursday and I’m just now writing about Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember enough to make the day sound interesting!  This is why I should never fall behind! 

The most noteable event of the day was my massage.  I had an 11 a.m. appointment, and since Robert Ray didn’t have a twelve o’clock, he was in no real hurry to finish on time.  So, my first massage with him in two years (other than the little twenty-minute tune-up) was thorough and marvelous.  And . . . (I love you, Robert Ray) my neck popped.  Now, that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I have this neck issue where my spine sort of settles down into itself and pinches stuff that shouldn’t be pinched, and makes me very uncomfortable.  When I was younger, I could pop it myself and get relief.  Then, there were many years when Kyle or Robert could help make that happen.  But, for the last year and a half or so . . . no popping.   No matter if I’d had a really hot shower, or a very relaxing day, or a glass of wine . . . no popping.  So, when Robert was able to loosen my neck enough that it popped that pop,  it was euphoric!  I literally wept.  The pain that had built up and that I am just having to learn to live with—-went away!  The release was amazing, and I cried for about ten minutes! 

Perhaps the reason I remember so little of the rest of the day, is that I didn’t do much!  I was so happy to be half an inch taller, and feeling no neck pain, that I didn’t want to be real active and screw it up right away! 

A bunch of us did go out to dinner at Chili’s.  It was Casey’s last night here for a while, and none of us have really done the big grocery store run, yet.  So, out we went.  I visited with Shannon and Kelly until I wasn’t good company any longer, and left them to go to bed around midnight.

I took this photo of Shannon working a tumbler, while Kelly and I waited for her to finish working right before dinner.