Neighbour Pup

9 July 2008

This little guy greeted me as I walked back to my booth from Kelly’s this morning.  I thought I knew all the pets in the neighbourhood, but this was a new sight.  He looks a little odd—I believe he’s been shaved for the summer and his beautiful Pomeranian hair is just coming back.  But, of course, they (properly) left his head and tail as normal, so his head looks enormous!  But, he’s awfully cute, and very sweet.   Perhaps the first Pom I’ve ever met who didn’t bark himself silly.   Anyway, I was charmed, and I had my camera in my hand, and now, many hours later, I realize he’s my one and only photo today.  So, there you have it!

(I learned later that his name is Scampers, and that he’s ten years old.  And he is every bit as sweet as he looks.  He belongs to a friend of our neighbour, Marta,  named Pam, who works in the main office during the day and Marta provides daycare for Scampers.)

Today was an errand day in the extreme.  I spent the early afternoon at Hobby Lobby, Goodwill (searching to replace a mirror–not buying clothing, I promise!) and the laundromat.  Then, lunch from Quizno’s for Kelly and me, some work at the booth, getting the workshop put together, and then another round of errands to the drug store and my favourite home store, Menard’s.  Kelly joined me on round two, and we ended that trip at El Sarape, our little Mexican restaurant we like so much.  We enjoyed our meal and our Cabo Wabo margaritas and we went home with full bellies, and a truck full of fans and various supplies for making our living and working spaces more comfortable. 

For the record, Bristol is a rather pet-friendly faire.  Although they do require a pet deposit of $25 (which they say is going to double next year!), they at least allow the furry kids to be with us.  My other four-legged neighbours include two Cocker Spaniels, a Mini Pin, a Miniature Poodle, some sort of little terrier, and an unusual, but lovely almost all-white Border Collie, named Bandit.   (Bandit and her humans have now left Bristol to go on to the New York faire.)  And of course I also see plenty of Shannon’s dogs, Bailey, a big yellow Lab (think Old Yeller), and Molly, a charming little black dog of unknown genetics.  Her third dog-child, a beautiful Schipperke, is also around, but Punkin spends the summers with her “aunt” Linda.  She gets to ride around the faire site on a golf cart and spend her days in the air-conditioned office of the general manager/owner of the faire!  We see her more from waving distance than we do up close! 

All this of course, only makes me miss Cormac and ‘Tia even more!