A Few of My Favourite Things

7 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

It was a good Monday.  I did my numbers reporting for Nicole on Sunday night, and on Monday morning my primary objective was to complete the full physical inventory of all the product in the booth.  My attitude had been wrong for it on Sunday, I’m afraid.  But, it went fairly smoothly; I worked alone, and was done by about noon.  Into the morning, I did squeeze one gift for myself—a brief massage “tune-up” by a much-loved massage therapist, Robert Ray.  I hadn’t allowed myself that indulgence in way too long, and I’ve been in quite a bit of pain, lately, so I decided it was important.  I don’t think I knew just how important!  It was a wonderful twenty minutes and I made plans right then, with Robert for a regular spot in his weekly schedule for a full massage.

The rest of the day is rather blurry—there was much in the way of recovery from the weekend!  And, the really clear memory (writing this part of this entry a couple of days later), is the wonderful evening of playing mah jong with Kelly and Delaenya.  Kelly has a nearly perfect mah jong table in her space, and I brought a china silk table cloth and one of our mah jong sets from home, to be my Bristol set.  Kelly spent part of her day cleaning and organizing her space to make room for such an evening, and did a great job.  Delaenya caught onto the game quicker, and was playing more comfortably than I’ve ever seen anyone on their first time.  We were having such a good time, that while the giant storm system brought hard rain and thunder and lightning, we played our game—a complete twelve hand round of three-hand—until nearly four-thirty in the morning.  By the time I went home and got ready for bed, the birds were singing, and the sky was getting lighter!

During one break in the play while somebody was on the phone, I decided to take photos.  Kelly chuckled and made a comment about how these were a few of my favourite things, right here on this table!  And, so the name and theme of my photo blog for the day was born.

So much joy is represented in this photo:  the beautiful fabric, a lovely candle, the mah jong game itself, and an absolutely fine little cabernet Kelly served us in artglass tumblers she made herself in our class, a couple of summers ago!  What you cannot see, but is also there for me in my photo, is the two cats playing at our feet, the wondrous thunderstorm raging outside the little wooden building, and the company of dear, dear friends. 

A few — or rather, a great many—of my favourite things.