Yet another cat photo

6 July 2008

Whew!  One down and eight more to go.  Even Artemis seemed to understand the need to kick back and relax after opening weekend!

I spent most of the day feeling frustrated and somewhat depressed about how poorly the weekend seemed to be going.  Saturday didn’t totally suck, but it was sure nothing to get excited about.  And then, Sunday–oh my gosh, was it slow!  But, after all was said and done, and the numbers are all crunched, it wasn’t actually as bad as last year’s opening weekend!  Crazy way to turn the negative to a positive, but, the bottom line is this show just doesn’t perform for us as well as it used to . . . sure wish I knew why.

But, regardless, I feel I owe an apology to everyone who had to put up with me yesterday.  I was, as Kelly said this morning, “a poopy-head” and I am sorry.  I NEVER want to be the negative energy hole in the group, and I dipped my toes into that pond yesterday.  Not gonna do it again.  I love all of you who listened to me complain and somehow managed to love me anyway! 

No complaining.  No “moving the bracelet.”  No negativity. 

Be happy.  Be content.  Be grateful.  Be kind.