5 July 2008

Opening Day of Bristol Renaissance Faire 2008

When I met Stephen at this faire last summer, it was immediately evident that here was a missing member of my chosen family . . . where had he been all my life?  We have a unique bond of friendship that seems to transcend lifetimes and defies explanation.  

After realizing we were practically neighbours in Arlington/East Fort Worth, Texas, we spent lots of time together throughout the year, and now, here we are again.  The wheel of the year has turned full circle and we’re back at Bristol.  This is a photo of Stephen in his new costume he made for himself this season.  It is quite the work of art; all the little leaves and berries are embroidered on and made from wool he felted himself.  Even his shirt is hand painted.  He is a man of many talents.

Opening weekend came with me feeling ready and energized (except for some nasty back pain, but what can you do?).  It is always so good to see all the familiar faces we’ve come to love having as a part of of our summer fun.  And today there were faces from home, too.  Frank is here this weekend, as were Denise and Ken from the Rose and Thistle, and Linnea, as she visits with her husband who is a minstrel at this show.  As far as business goes, opening day was fairly busy, but not like it should have been. 

Kyle is at home, enjoying his weekend “off.”  He is tethered to the office by phone, but has managed to gift himself a couple of days of much-needed relaxation.  I wish he were here, but he is probably happier at home in air-conditioned comfort than he would be here at the faire, where it’s too hot for us to be able to have a good volume of sales.  Perhaps our sales will improve when attendance is higher and so many local folks are not spending the last possible day at either SummerFest (one of the largest music festivals in the country, held in Milwaukee) or Taste of Chicago.  Next weekend, weather permitting, should be better.

We can hope.

I miss my husband.