Kelly and her Pies

4 July 2008

American Independence Day

After fourteen years of doing this . . . I finally have it down!  The day before we open, and I spent it gardening, erranding, and . . . at a gathering of friends this evening!  What an amazingly confident feeling this is.  I should like a repeat of this as often as possible!

We gathered at Chad’s house in Kenosha tonight.  There was barbecued chicken and brats, and homemade apple pie, courtesy of Miss Kelly.  Yum . . . most of us ate our pie first!  My photo today is of Kelly being goofy, when I told her to get into the photo with her pies. 

Tomorrow, according to the weatherman, will be a beautiful day, and therefore should bring us huge crowds.  We can only hope—but it sure would be nice!


62 degrees fahrenheit, Kenosha, Wisconsin