Happy Birthday, Da MacRalph!

Well, dangit.
Another day without a photo. I guess this roll-out is taken more out of me than I expected. I worked hard all day, but I did manage a stop at Rob’s and played some pool with friends (in between phone calls and a visit from a boss who knew I was there). After that, I went home and continued to work until the wee, wee hours of the morning.
The City of Arlington was hosting some “Light up the Lake” event and the traffic around the house was startlingly heavy; however, with work to do, I didn’t make it to the lake nor did I even get to watch any fireworks. I suppose, I could have taken the time and climbed up on the roof to watch half an hour of fireworks, but I chose not to. I worked, instead.

~KR (Written on 5 July 2008 )