One More Box

3 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

It is bedtime, the night before the night before we open.  I’ve just spent the last four hours working on my own living space and I cannot get over how relaxed I feel.  I will do my gardening in the morning.  And, I have one more box to unpack and deal with, and another mannequin to dress.  But, that’s it.  The back room is ready.  The counter area is ready (in fact I’ve already taken one sale!) and the booth itself is pretty darned ready.   What a great feeling.

My photo of the last box was taken from the catwalk above the sales floor that leads to my living space.

I’m going to bed, now.  Mostly because I can huddle down under the covers and get warm.  It’s fifty-seven degrees inside my little house.  I sure am wishing for that heated mattress pad tonight!   I wish Kyle were here—he’d love this weather!