My View of Bristol

2 July 2008

This is the view I have every morning.  For now, it’s really lovely with the green grass.  This festival, just like almost every other festival, spends what must be massive amounts of money on planting grass and cultivating it for the months leading up to faire, only to have the first high traffic weekend trample it into submission, and the first rain and mud send it on to oblivion.  But, for now, it’s really pretty.

I live above the Pendragon Costumes shop, so this is a balcony view.  Off to the right, to the south, it looks like this—the view down the lane toward the front gate.  In the top left hand corner of this main photo you can just barely make out the grey of the doors on Ginger’s booth—Faire Pair.   We love being this close to one another at this show.  Not only is it darned convenient for us, but it’s also super easy to send customers back and forth.

Today, we finished most of the booth prep.  The last tasks are dressing mannequins and final tweaking.   We moved my machine out of the truck and into the new space I’m going to share with Kelly.  Larry worked hard to remove years’ worth of critter nesting debris (leaves and nuts and such) from the eaves of my living space, and securing it so there should be no re-entry by squirrels and other vermin.  So, when all was said and done, and the fabric “walls” were down for a much-needed laundering, I decided to put up fresh, new fabric.  I worked on it all evening, with first The Incredibles and then Chicago, for company, and got everything replaced except the curtains to the “bedroom” and closet.  My new shelves look great, and I love having the loveseat here.  It’s starting to feel like “home” again.  Although, my heart, my home and husband are actually much too far away.

So, when I look down the lane and concentrate real hard, I can imagine, far, far to the south, beyond my visibility, beyond the faire site, beyond the state line  . . . home.