Wisconsin Teddy and Artemis

30 June 2008

The month of June is gone.  We are well into mid-summer, and this is the crazy set-up week for Bristol.  Today was a hard, dirty day of cleaning and moving in and unloading and unpacking.  I had a great crew of folks working for me today, and much more got done than I’d hoped to imagine!  Yay!  Now, tomorrow, I can take it easy, doing smaller tasks that only I can do to my satisfaction, and then on Wednesday again, I’ll have help.  At this point, I figure I’m at least two days ahead of schedule, compared to other years!  Woo hoo!

I know I’ve been taking lots of photos of the cat lately . . . but, c’est la vie.  She’s so darned cute.  She always looks so pretty against bright colours.  I know there are photos of her from last summer on the same afghan my Gammy made for me years ago.  But, this time, I managed to get the teddy bear, too!  This little guy lives here in Wisconsin and waits all year for Artemis and I to come spend summers with him!