Ivy Covered

29 June 2008

Congratulations Ed and Kate, on your Wedding Day!

This is the day we planned our arrival in Wisconsin around—Ed and Kate’s wedding.  Bless their hearts, they planned their wedding date specifically so it was not a faire weekend for any of us, and it was close enough to Bristol starting, that we could all justify being here a little early to attend.  And attend we did!

It was a lovely wedding in a beautiful place.  Built in 1926, the Bond Chapel is a glowing example of Gothic Revival architecture, complete with ornate carvings, gold leaf, pointed arches and amazing stained glass.  This chapel is a part of the campus of the University of Chicago—and wow! what a gorgeous campus it is.  This is a shot of Chad and Paul and Laura and Kelly, taken as we were enjoying the surroundings, prior to the ceremony.  My photo of the day is of one of the dozens of old, ivy-covered buildings, each with stories to tell, I’m sure.  My husband honoured me by making this photo a “favourite” in flickr, so that helped me decide this was my official photo for the day.

After the ceremony, we all headed to the reception, held at Wildfire.  There was wine, and delicious food—and dancing!  And here is a photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake.