Dinosaur sighting!

28 June 2008

Day two of driving . . . I finally made it into the faire site and pulled through the gate at exactly 10 p.m.  My back, my arms, and my butt are very glad to be done with the long drive!

I started the day with a lovely breakfast with William and Melanie in Kansas City, and then pointed the truck toward Wisconsin.  Along the way, I took one self-indulgent travel stop in addition to the gasoline/food stops . . . I stopped at a Chico’s store!  I’d been watching this little retail zone grow for years.  Right along the highway, you can see dozens of cool stores—I think the name of the town is Coralville.  The shopping zone is called Coral Ridge.  Last year, I’d noticed the Chico’s store for the first time, and this year, I needed a break just as I arrived at this exit.  And, I had an exchange, and a return issue for Chico’s.  Half an hour later, I emerged from the store, with an exchanged shirt, a new on sale (for five dollars!) shirt, and a cute pair of fire engine red flip flop sandals.  And, they paid me!  Gotta love that! 

The wind kicked up again on the drive, so I put Artemis back in her crate, so I didn’t have to worry about the unexpected kitty head butt to the elbow, or trying to pull her off the dashboard when she crept too close to me.  I snapped this really fun photo of her late this afternoon.  At least she was more comfortable in the little crate than she was in this spot in the back of the truck!

The other really fun photo of the day is my Sinclair Dino!  I’d have to say that it’s been years since I can remember seeing one of these—I didn’t really even know the Sinclair Oil Company was still alive.  But, apparently, they are not only alive, but well!  It’s just that they are midwest and northwest oriented—places I don’t drive that often, I guess.  When I was a kid, they were all over New York and Pennsylvania, too, and one of my favourite childhood toys was an inflatable green dinosaur with their company logo on his side.  I can remember him being big enough for me to sit on and bouce—I’m sure I couldn’t have been much more than four or five years old.  Anyway, this little guy caught my eye, so I stopped at his gas station, and not only filled my tank, but snapped his photo, too!

I am rather enjoying my gps device . . . we call her Emily, after the name Garmin gives their British-dialect voice option.  She directed me into the faire via a route I’d never taken, so I went for it.  The names of the roads were familiar, just not in this context.  So, as it turned out, I drove right by the amazing home of our friends Rose and Jose Michel—Ravenstone Castle!  Then, through Harvard, a couple of other little towns including Antioch, and voila!  Hunt Club Road, State Line Road, and the lighted silo of the barn on the renfaire property!  Home for the Summer.

I was pretty tired by the time I arrived, and after only a brief visit with Kelly, who showed me her swanky new living space, we said goodnight.  I stayed up a little later . . . okay . . . another three hours or so, arranging some furniture and shelving in my living space, and well, winding down my brain.  My body was tired, but my mind was racing with all the things to be done this week.  Finally, both body and brain are telling me to sleep.