The Biggest, Softest Cat Bed Ever!

27 June 2008

Halfway there.  With nearly 600 miles behind me, and about that many yet to go, I am at my brother’s house in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City area).  I had pushed my departure date as far as I could, and I simply had to leave today.  I got Kyle off to work, with a very difficult parting, and a long goodbye kiss.  Then, I turned my attentions to the very last of my packing—some paperwork, a cooler full of drinks, a few more pairs of shoes . . . and I too, was off.  On my way out of town, typically, I stop at my local Firestone store and have all my tires checked and aired up for safe highway travel.  Today, it was determined I had two badly worn tires (the inside only—which is why it snuck up on me) an I chose to replace them.  So, the cat and I, waited in the lobby of the Firestone, while the tires got changed, and my bank account got smaller. 

We finally hit the highway at exactly one o’clock.  Traffic was very heavy getting out of the DFW Fort Worth/Dallas area—construction, a bad wreck in Denton, summer, Friday, holiday week—I’m sure all these things were a factor.  In fact, the wreck made us all sit still for a while.  But, at about four-thirty I was sitting in a Cracker Barrel in northern Oklahoma City having a delightful dinner with my dear friend, Betty. She has been a part of my life for over twenty-five years—she is the mother of my first husband!  Not every woman is lucky enough to have two wonderful mothers-in-law in their life!   But, I certainly have lucked out twice!  Divorce was awkward for a while, but when it became obvious that Roger and I had remained such close friends, it was only natural for us to be friends, too.  And then, when Roger was killed, we bonded all over again.  I try to see her when I am in her town, but it doesn’t always work out.  Today, she was free, and the timing was perfect for a meal!  Time spent with her is precious.

Fed and happy, I got back on the road just before six, and was here in KC by about 11:30 p.m.  One quick stop at the local Wal-Mart for cat food and shampoo, and then I got to meet my brother’s new lady, Melanie.  That has also been a delight, and I was hesitant to give up on the evening and go to bed, but finally, at nearly two a.m., we all said goodnight, knowing we’d enjoy each other again when we go out for breakfast in the morning.  Now, I’m trying to do some KRuMB catch-up, and realising I hadn’t taken any photos today (other than a couple that didn’t turn out, as I was driving and couldn’t properly frame my attempt to shoot anything!), I shot a few of the cat.

New to the guest room on this trip, is this giant (and I mean giant—five foot long!) stuffed shaggy dog!  It didn’t take Artemis very long to decide he was friendly, and made a good cat bed!