Cat on Pillows

24 June 2008

Tuesday.  The days are all starting to run together.  Packing.  Consumes.  Me.  I must type the word for the day of the week, in order to remember it. 

I did have a doctor’s appointment today—all good.  I have an official diagnosis and name for something I’ve been dealing with for twelve years:   supraventricular tachycardia!  Doesn’t that sound impressive?  I was in a pretty good mood when I left The Heartplace (yes, that’s what it’s really called!), so I decided to treat myself to lunch.  I considered driving through a fast food place on the way home, and then got a bold idea.  I was really only blocks away from Mi Tierra—the new Latin Fusion restaurant owned by a friend.  So, that’s where I went—all alone—and enjoyed their appetizer sampler plate as my lunch.  Anyone who knows me will understand how much I must love this food in order for me to go into a restaurant by myself and sit there and eat alone!  But, really . . . I’m not gonna get to eat there again until September!

Then, back at home, back at work.  As I was working in the workshop, finishing up some final sewing, and . . . yes . . . packing, Artemis slept.  Despite the new arrangement of the bedroom, she still managed to locate Kyle’s pillow and sleep on it.   <sigh>