Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant

20 June 2008

Friday—our “girls who lunch” day!  I’d been really looking forward to this. Not only because I love spending time with my girls, but because our pre-arranged meeting place today was Mi Tierra!

Last Friday, Kyle and I had been a part of a group of folks who descended on this wonderful little restaurant on its opening day.  After months of anticipation, we were very pleased to be among the very first customers to patronize this charming place.  Damaris, the restauranteur, and her own chef, was once a co-worker of Kyle’s at American Airlines Cargo.  After a rather lengthy career with the airline, she finally decided to walk away from that and all the headaches that daily cubicle life entails, and trade it in for a chef’s jacket and a whole new set of headaches!

We enjoyed our meal and our experience so much that day, that I immediately suggested that we girls meet there the next time we lunched. 

When I arrived, about ten minutes before our planned meeting time, I was greeted by Giovanni, the teenage member of the restaurant family.  I reminded him I’d been there recently, and that Damaris and Kyle were friends, and he disappeared into the kitchen to tell his mom I was there.  I enjoyed a brief visit with her, where I got to tell her once again how much we enjoyed our lunch last Friday—so much in fact, that I was back with my girlfriends, today.  As we chatted, she seemed genuinely pleased we were there, almost as pleased perhaps as she’d been earlier this week when another group from the airline campus came for lunch—including a big vice president!  I asked how the first week in business had been, and she said that they were so busy over their first weekend that they ran out of food on Sunday!  What a great problem to have when you’re a three-day-old restaurant!

And, it’s no wonder!  All four of us were completely delighted with our meals and our service and our whole luncheon experience.  We ordered a sampler platter of appetizers that included sweet plaintains, and empanadas and wonderful little balls of potato-yumminess!  Ginger and I both ordered Caribbean Lasagna, and it was so tasty it was all we could do not to lick the plates!  Kelly and Sherrie both ordered meals (whose names are in Spanish, so I can’t remember them) involving rice and plaintains and pork, and both of them had servings big enough they took home leftovers for another meal or two!  We took our own bottle of wine (the liquor licensing is still in the works) and a corkscrew was cheerfully provided with no corking fee.  I was very proud that the girls all seemed to love their meals, and even prouder when Damaris came out of the kitchen to meet everyone!  This is a talented woman and we sure do want to see her succeed! 

Delicious food, excellent value pricing, friendly, attentive service—it’s a class act.  The only problem:  I’m about to go away for nearly three months, and have to wait ’til September to go back there again!!  So, I’m hoping our Daily KRuMB readers will all pay Damaris a visit, while I’m gone.  And, I can promise you:  one visit won’t be enough!!

Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant, 603 W. Abram Street, Arlington, TX 76002  817.861.9144

Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.        Sunday noon- 8 p.m.

The website is coming soon.  Email: mitierralatin@att.com