Second Lunch

13 June 2008

Friday, the Thirteenth!  Certainly far from unlucky for me, for I had the good fortune to dine in three completely different restaurants on this day—enjoying three totally different cuisines!  The “foodie” in me was a very happy camper! 

Yesterday, my husband surprised me with an invitation to join him, and a number of his co-workers at the opening day luncheon today, of a new restaurant here in Arlington.  A former co-worker of his, a lovely lady named Damaris, has realized a longtime dream, and opened Mi Tierra—a Latin Fusion Restaurant on Abram Street in downtown Arlington.   Damaris, a native of Puerto Rico, has her sister and her mother with her in the kitchen, and her husband, Carlos, warmly greeted all her guests on opening day.  He shared with us that at least one day a week, he will get to cook, too!  Their son, and at least one other server, ably, yet with a charming amount of nervousness, dealt with the nearly full house resulting from our group’s attendance.  The opening day menu was far more limited than the regular menu will be, but we enjoyed deliciously-prepared plantains and Cuban sandwiches.   Others at our table were equally well-pleased with their salads and fajitas and flank steaks.  I personally look forward to my next visit when I plan to try the Ceviche!

Immediately after finishing this delightful meal, and congratulating our hostess and chef, I kissed my husband goodbye and drove to Hurst where I was to meet girlfriends for lunch!  This “second lunch” was planned last Friday when we wrapped up our sushi luncheon and decided that a weekly luncheon date was a good idea.  We settled then on Italianni’s as the place—it being a longtime favourite spot.  As I drove into the carpark and took the first available space, I was amused to realize that the four of us girls, had each driven our own vehicles to the mid-cities, and then parked one after the other, in a row!  So, I converted the visual memory into a digital image as I crossed the parking lot and entered the restaurant. That’s the photo above—the wheels of Kelly, Ginger, Sherrie and MB.  Obviously, I was the last to arrive—the other three were already enjoying conversation and perusing menus.   I was not much in the way of “hungry” after my wonderful Latin meal, so I ordered only the amazing fried spinach side dish that we all love so much at Italianni’s.  We girls enjoyed our time together and made plans for yet one more luncheon next Friday—at Mi Tierra!

After a super-fast mini fabric safari, I went home to my husband—it won’t be long ’til I’m many miles away and have only the cat to “go home to” when I’m out.  Leaving home for Bristol every summer, is so hard.  I wasn’t home for long it seemed, when Terrill called and asked if we’d like to join him at  No Frills Grill.  No surprise our answer was “yes,”  and off we went.  My husband however, it seemed had been plotting to treat me to Tex Mex and a margarita for dinner, so we did not stay to eat.  Instead, we played some trivia and then went to Mexican Inn. Hence my third (actually fourth if you count NFG) restaurant, and uniquely different dining experience of the day!

I meant to take a photo of my enchilada plate when it arrived, but I was distracted by how tasty it looked and when next I thought about it, my plate looked like this

It was a delightfully yummy day!