Newborn Kitten Rescue

17 May 2008

What a day!  Busy, busy, busy day at faire!  It is Pirate Weekend at Scarborough Renaissance Festival, and the crowd was very big, today.  It’s like our little festival is finally growing up!  We heard stories of a three-mile back-up on the freeway leading up to the exit for the faire; of parking rows being created in fields never before used for parking; of folks arriving an hour and a half later than they’d planned just because of traffic and such.  It is very exciting—I do so wish they would share a gate count with us, so we could judge how our individual businesses are doing in comparison to the size of the crowd.

All we know is that we were busy!  We worked our little butts off in both the Pendragon and East Wind Games shoppes.  And both shoppes had great days!  In fact, once again, East Wind Games had a record day—and subsequently a record weekend!  Woo hoo!

At one point in the day, a friend came in, and with him was a friend who had just decided to “invest” in a project for the next six weeks or so—hopefully.  I was amazed, and so had to take this photo.  I wish now, that I had included some familiar object for scale.  He is lying on a washcloth, and you can discern the heel of the hand holding him.  This is a one-day old kitten.  So young and tiny it looks more alien than feline, but apparently it was rescued from the clutches of a tom cat.  Who knows if the tom had actually attacked, or if he was just trying to eliminate the runt from the rest of the litter, to give the others more of a chance?  But, this little creature seems to have the will to live.  Given the warmth and protection of a human woman with the willingness to set an alarm clock and awake every two hours for feedings, and rub him with a wet finger to make him pee and poo—he just might have a chance!  It will be days before his eyes should open, and he even really begins to hear.  He is completely helpless, and yet able to wiggle and sort of crawl around.  He emits a teeny little mew every now and then, and the news on his second day, was that he had actually gained some weight!  So, rock on, little guy!  Hang in there!

I’d never seen a kitten so young and small . . . we had baby gerbils once when I was a kid . . . not much different, really! <grin> Just smaller! 

Saturday evening saw lots of wonderful folks gather at our shoppe to enjoy each other’s company, some wine and cheese, and most importantly, Allyson’s beautiful jewelry creations.  The trunk show was successful, and we had a great time.  Lots of people went home with new sparklies!

We did say a hasty farewell to our beloved Donny and Mary Saturday night, as they received news of Mary’s parents having suffered a bad car accident.  We heard words like “ambulance” and “care-flight” and “hospital” and hugged them goodbye.  They headed to east Texas where they are now, and where the news is slightly more encouraging than we had originally feared.  Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with them through the week, as the medical adventures continue.